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EARTHMOVER TRAINING CENTER llc was founded by Nathan Palmer to bring a more modern & relevant curriculum to the Construction Industry.  The curriculum is all digital, sold exclusively on iTunes in the iBook Store & is best used with the iBooks app on an iPad.  Any individual, company, or trade school can benefit from this exceptional curriculum due to its carefully designed structure and the well-placed elements such as the instructional videos, picture & illustration galleries, section reviews to test your knowledge & understanding of the corriculum, and much, much more.


Each iBook is a stand-alone curriculum and has a corresponding "Keynote" instructor presentation available for purchase that follows each iBook allowing for an efficient & intuitive learning environment in the classroom.


The iPad is the perfect delivery portal for this curriculum, allowing for the use of engaging, high definition & interactive multimedia. Utilizing the iPad for this curriculum also means that every student essentially has a fully functioning computer at his fingertips, allowing the student to not only get an incredible education, but also be able to create resumes, search for jobs, & market themselves to potential employers, creating a powerful set of tools to advances one's career.  The iPad is an incredible marketing tool for both trade schools & students, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive and ever-evolving world of technology.  


For more information about our curriculum & how we can help you, please contact us Today!




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